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· One min read

There is now a new certificate for cobby Excel, which makes it necessary to have a specific cobby version to be able to reinstall the cobby Excel plugin if needed.

  • All customers using a cobby 2nd version must therefore update to cobby version or beta version before reinstalling. This can be done independently via the cobby portal.

  • All customers who still use a cobby 1st version, please contact the cobby team for the necessary update. We will then update cobby to version or

· One min read

In the cobby portal, each page now has a link to the Help Docs in the Help Center.

In the upper right corner you will find the link "Need help?", which will take you to the corresponding Help Center article. For example, from the Jobs page, you will be directed to the appropriate "Job History & Icons" article. If there is no specific article for the page, you will be referred to the docs in general.

· One min read

From now on cobby also supports Magento version 2.4.6.

· One min read

The coBuddy is a new feature that can used in the HTML editor via the robot button. It makes creative writing of product texts particularly easy:

  • enter the desired keywords for the text
  • set the desired minimum and maximum number of words

...and off you go! Similar to Chat GPT, coBuddy generates a suitable text suggestion in seconds, which you can edit, correct and adapt in terms of design in the HTML editor.

· One min read

We are happy to introduce the HTML editor, which is a great help especially for text adjustments in the shop.

  • With the HTML editor you can easily convert texts into HTML or adjust existing text cells that are formatted in HTML without running the risk of breaking the HTML code and the display in the online shop.

  • The editor enables much faster maintenance of product texts. Texts can be converted directly into HTML for the shop, can be easily adapted and can then be uploaded live.

  • With the help of the HTML editor, you can immediately see how the text at hand would be displayed in the online shop and make adjustments as desired, such as alignment and much more.

Read more about this in our Docs article.